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Ph.D. in Quantitative Health Geography and Geomatics)
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Curriculum Vitae

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Anne Quesnel, Ph.D.

Researcher in Medical Geography, Quantitative Geography and Geomatics

Public Health Department
Methodological Advices Unit: Biostastistics, Epidemiology
Lille University Hospital
2 Avenue Oscar Lambret
59037 Lille Cedex

Mobile : + 33 (0)6 10 82 25 49
Phone: +33 (0)3 20 44 55 18
Fax : + 33 (0) 03 20 44 69 45

Professional position at the Lille University Hospital (2006-present)


Courses Taught

Students come from Undergraduate, Graduate, Postgraduate  and Adult Education  (BS, MS, Md.) and disciplines: Medicine (Lille II, Nice Sophia Antipolis), Health and Law (Lille II), History and Geography (Grenoble II, Arras, Paris X, Paris XII), Computing Sciences (Lille II), Paramedical trainings (Lille II, Nice Sophia Antipolis).

Research Interests

I’d be seeking to improve my skills, particularly as concerns mathematical aspects, as well as seeking to innovate in geographic automation systems and software (Multi-Agent Systems and Agent-Based Model and Simulation) as applied to chronic and/or infectious urban and non-urban diseases (epidemiological process diseases and management).

Current studies and research projects

Temporary Faculty Positions: University teaching experiences, 550 H  (1999-2009)

Post doctoral qualifications

Professional Training Courses - Skills - On-The-Job-Training

Language Training

Member of learned societies

Quantitative geography, geomatics and health


First steps in Geography of Health in the Teaching Hospital and Medical University of Lille.

We have sensibilized, initiated and trained medical and paramedical staffs to Geography of Health and its geomatic tools. See the scientific dispersion article in SYNERGIE  of the Lille 2 Revue edited in 2006 .
Needs are increasing from health policy managers concerning quantitative geography and geomatics  ==> you are invited to visit my Blog  Geography and Public Health : new trades, (see Blog ==>Top Page)

Services in geography of health and geomatic

Information for medical and paramedical staffs of (MID) Medical Information Departments in the Nord - Pas-de-Calais Region. You can contact Anne Quesnel on mobile phone number + (33) 6 10 82 25 49 and by email :

Mapping Teaching

The course uses  Mapping Software "Philcarto" ' Download on the Pr Wagniez Philippe's website'

Base Maps


Remarks about Mapping :